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“I have been receiving massages for over 30 years now.  I have been fortunate enough to go to the ultimate of spas.  With this being said, Barbara Young rates among the top in my book!  She works hard at providing just what I need at that particular time.  The benefits I have felt after receiving a massage from Barbara have truly been amazing.” “She is one of the best of the best!” Betty Zane, Carlsbad, CA.


Truly, there is nobody quite like Barbara in the bodywork arena. Not only does she remember and address every muscle malady, but she offers intuitive, educated, and incredibly helpful suggestions to help you self-treat at home between visits. In fact, after integrating stretching poses recommended by Barbara (i.e., half-pigeon) and implementing a lacrosse ball to loosen angry fascia in my IT bands, I’ve experienced an incredible loosening and relief in those areas. Speaking of flexibility, Barbara tailors every massage to your needs for that particular visit. Whether you prefer a true deep-tissue therapy or a milder, relaxing Swedish massage, Barbara delivers every time. —Kelly Reilley, San Diego, CA


Barbara Young is a gift to the world.  Her intuitive touch is magical and consistently healing.  She finds and releases every tight spot on my body, even some I didn't know I had!  She is also the only therapist who had the knowledge and techniques needed to release my tight psoas.  Please give her a try; you won't be disappointed ever!!  Claire Coombs


I highly recommend Barbara as a massage therapist!  Barbara has been my massage therapist since 2012, and she is the best one I have ever had.  I have severe arthritis along with fibromyalgia. This means massage has to tread a very thin line between being gentle enough to not worsen my muscle pain, yet still firm enough to relieve the knots and overall discomfort caused by chronic pain.  Barbara seems to be very intuitive and empathetic, so she fine tunes her technique with every one of my visits. She never gives me a standard, one-size fits-all massage, like so many others I’ve gone to. Each time it’s a little different, depending on what problem areas she detects.  She always gently solicits feedback to guide my care. She lets me chat if I need to let off steam. Other times, she will be soothingly quiet and just let me float off into the relaxation zone.  With every massage from her I feel better: younger, fresher and more relaxed.  Seriously, I wouldn’t even hesitate to book an appointment with her. She’s truly the best of the best!    Michelle Cleo


I have been treating with Barbara monthly for over 2 years.  I have gone to many massage therapists in the past, however after one massage from Barbara it was apparent she was far and above the others.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the specifics of the body and is well trained in a variety of massage techniques.  She never stops learning and educating herself in her practice.  Barbara can always find the source of muscle tightness, stiffness or pain and help facilitate its release.  I can’t sing her praises enough!    Barbara Sanders


Barbara works miracles with her hands! I have a seriously problematic back, which frequently causes me pain. Barbara relaxed and "unwound" my tightened, irritated muscles with incredible efficiency, precision and skill. Within just a few kneads, stretches and presses I could feel my muscle tension dissolve. Barbara is very responsive and perceptive, neither working too hard (so the massage was never painful) nor too light (so that the knots actually did get worked out) for what I needed. She is also sweet and personable, making me feel perfectly at ease throughout the process. I left her massage table with a back that was a pain-free as it hadn't been in a long, long time.” Nurith Amitai


Barbara puts her heart, body, and soul into her massage practice, and the results are phenomenal! She gives the best massages I've ever had. I had difficulty choosing just 3 attributes that describe how wonderful the total experience is. She massages you in the comfort of your own home. She has an impeccable awareness of the proper touch for your needs -- gentle when necessary, strong when appropriate. She also takes great care to create a relaxing atmosphere, and she's one of the friendliest , calmest people you could meet. I'm looking forward to my next massage from her! Tom K Brown


I suffered from a number of issues and was told by my doctor I would benefit from massage.  It did benefit me and was very helpful though my problems persisted until Barbara worked with me.  She saw exactly where my problems were and worked to resolve them.  I still benefit from massage but no longer suffer from my previous issues.  Barbara truly helped me and I recommend her to anyone wanting massage but especially to those needing a massage therapist who can work with people who suffer from chronic pain, or who have health issues.  Mary Dixon

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