Bodywork by Barbara

Nurturing Energy for the Body and Spirit

About the Practitioner

Hello! My name is Barbara Young, HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner), LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist), CMT (Certified Massage Therapist). CAMTC License #31031

I have over 1,400 hours of training at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health in Escondido, CA, achieving an HHP, the highest degree possible for a massage therapist. Additional training at ASIS Massage School in Flagstaff, AZ, Corevisions in San Diego CA, and Isis Oasis in Geyserville, CA

I have over 4,000 hours of massage experience.  I worked as lead therapist at a spa in Carlsbad, CA for over 3 years, plus have worked with many private clients in their homes.  I have assistant taught classes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Structural Organization, Shiatsu, and Herbs for the Immune System.

My goal is to release your pain without discomfort.  I warm the tissues, only reaching the deep level where the dysfunction originates when I sense your body is ready to accept deep healing.   My job is to facilitate your release of pain, tightness, and stiffness.

I help people feel better; it's a very gratifying job!  During a treatment, I go into a trance-like state, which puts me more in tune with my client, and brings healing to both of us.

I am the mother of adult twin boys (fraternal) who both live in San Diego county.  I have a dog and I love music, movies, word games, and to play the piano and read.  I love to be in nature, whether at the beach, in the mountains, or in the desert.

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