Bodywork by Barbara

Nurturing Energy for the Body and Spirit



I believe that my clients heal more completely when the mind and body are in a deep state of relaxation.  The mind and body are one, and you will feel more integrated when you release tension and stress that is trapped in your body.  There is a physical component to every emotional state, and an emotion tied to every physical manifestation.

My deep, intuitive touch will help you heal, ease pain, and let go of stress. I can feel how far down in the layers of muscle your tight area lies, and I warm up the tissues before accessing deeper levels of the muscle.  This makes releasing deep knots more comfortable and less likely to cause you soreness afterward.

I know from personal experience that regular massage can profoundly change your body and your life.  Imagine that you have no aches and pains!  You don't have the negative thoughts and distraction of the pain, therefore your energy is available to channel into positive, productive endeavors.  Regular massage is an investment in your life, and it feels good!  I have packages available to make regularly receiving massage more affordable.


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